Need a new website or a complete rehaul of an old one? Get your business growing online. 

Let's work together to build your online presence so you can grow your authority, credibility and visibility. 

Take your business to the next level, attract new clients, and generate profits.


Lost when it comes to using your website to market yourself?

Not sure what to do with your current website to attract new leads?  Not utilizing the full potential the internet has to offer? Connect with Karen for a quick consult to review your site and see what we can do together to grow your business.


Just need to delegate the techy stuff? Time to build your team? Need a VA skilled with web development and online marketing?

Get your own online business manager and we'll help you take care of your website, newsletter, blog. social media and all the online technical stuff.

Website Academy begins March 19th online!

This self-paced course will take you through all the techy stuff of getting your website created.  From getting a domain and hosting to designing and managing the backend, you'll be able to take control of your online presence! Plenty of hand-holding, demos and support from your Expert Trainer Karen Hilts. Learn and Grow in this empowering online course and join our tribe of action-takers! 

Thank You!

To my clients, friends,and family for voting in the 2017 Hamilton Spec Readers Choice Awards placing 4th in the TOP TEN winners in the Web Designer category. With over 90 nominees, it is an honour to be among such great talent!

~Karen Hilts

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Readers Choice Best of the Best Award Winning Website Developer
Karen Hilts - Web Developer

Every day, I get to bring out the brighter side of humanity by shining people's extraordinary expertise and existence with the world. A person once told me "Ahhhh, so you're the one that makes "people" look good".  To that I simply say, "I just help others see the greatness that already exists in you."
~Karen Hilts~

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  • National EFT Training Institute

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