Online Business Development and Consulting

So you already have a website and you realize it's not doing much for drumming up business. 

You see other businesses with websites that seem to be attracting a lot of attention and many of them are making money online too. You're feeling some website envy and you want a little of that action to come your way.

You have no idea what to do, you're not tech savvy, and you're looking for a solution that will help you get you're website and online marketing working for your business.  You want someone to show you the ropes, give you some idea HOW to update your own content, so you can eventually hop into the drivers seat yourself. 

Some web development coaching might be the right solution for you. 

What to expect:

  • setting up time slots to work together each week or month
  • going through online marketing strategies that will attract new clients
  • setting up your website for content strategies
  • building in elements to grow your email list
  • getting your social media and email newsletters to support your website
  • building in inbound and collaborative marketing strategies
  • leverage resources to put strategies on autopilot
  • creating systems

... and much more.

Each business is unique and together we will come up with the right strategies to bring more leads in your direction.

Sound Good?

Book a free consultation meeting with me and let's get things started.