Web Design

Designing your website is a process of collaboration where we:

  • take a look at your long term business vision
  • understand your long term goals
  • get clarity around your service, product or program offerings
  • define your ideal clients/customers
  • build a blueprint for your website plans
  • implement all we learn into a well-designed responsive mobile website

What to expect:

  1.  Initial Consult will cover what you're needing for your business in the way of a website.  We want to get to know YOU first and gain an understanding of who you are, what you do and offer, and who you serve.  We will look at how these things translate into a website so we can map out a tailored plan for you.
  2. If we decide to work together, our next steps will be outlined to secure domain, hosting, content information, theme customization and build your foundation online.
  3. Meetings will occur at predetermined milestones, either in person or online.  During these meetings we will do a review and see where changes or tweaks are needed.  

Cost and timing are dependent on the size of the project which vary client to client.  Before work is commenced, we will discuss a budget and payment terms.